Final Fantasy Flop

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   You bring up a good point -- the human characteristic of movies is in
essence what people are there to see, after all, don't we all want to share
some common ground with those we see on the screen?
   This may be why anime is not such a big genre (outside of otaku circles)
in the US.


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actors will never replace human actors, no matter how similar they look.
Imagine Hugh Grant without his weird mouth twitches, the way Meg Ryan chews
her bottom lip: Love them or hate them, it is these little human details
that make films so enjoyable and resonant with their audiences. Until
animation reaches a stage where it can be used to model such things, perhaps
its better off with talking insects and trolls. But ultimately, what's the
point in trying to do things that real life actors  can do better. Wouldn't
it be more interesting if someone could use the medium a little more

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