Sma Station

Michael Dancsok dunchoke at
Sun Oct 14 09:11:20 EDT 2001

I was just wondering if anybody saw the premier of the new current affairs 
program Sma Station on Asahi TV 11:00 Saturday night. I kind of like the 
idea of a program introducing current news topics to young viewers using a 
talent like Katori Shingo (SMAP member)as an naive "newscaster". However, I 
was wondering if anybody was as offended as I was at the logo of the show. 
The logo are two stylized Ss, similar to what one would associate with the 
SS uniform of Nazis Germany. Now I believe I am hip enough on the ironic use 
the SS uniform in bondage play, but to use a logo for a current affairs 
program that is associated with a proven horrific organization seems to show 
one of two things: a) The producers of the program are totally ignorant of 
what SS represents to the rest world. b) The producers know but are 
insensitive to the rest of the world's understanding of what they represent. 
  Either way the producers look pretty bad. I've learned to respect the 
journalistic integrity of Asahi corp. Historically they have shown to take 
the more liberal and critical positions compared to their competition. But 
this time they seemed to have fumbled the ball. Any comments?
Michael Dancsok

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