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I really don't think people think anything of it like westerners do. Late at
night in the restaurant supply district of Osaka, there is a security door
with the Nazi wings and swastika on it still left from the war. Not to
mention the swastika's prevalent in one store in Ame-mura. While it is
clearly irresponsible on the part of Asahi television, I don't think the
symbolism makes nearly the impact as it does on people in the west. Temple
swastikas are not German swastikas at all, although they certainly are
shocking to the unenlightened. late at night.. translating...

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By way of context, I can recall seeing idol Miyake Ken in some forgettable
drama series a year or two ago, wearing a T-shirt with "Nuke 'em 'til they
glow" printed in English on it.  The SS-style logo doesn't surprise me that
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