Floating Clouds by Naruse

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I have to interject here because i have heard this argument many times. By the logic presented in the previous response, we would assume that Japanese people cannot appreciate action movies? I hardly think this would be the case. Floating Clouds is one of the finest movies ever made and anyone who watches it will instantly appreciate it's mastery. Quality works will be recognized regardless of the culture and language of the viewer or of the the work itself. A good work will trancend the culture it comes from and speak to all peoples.

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Needless to add, I'm afraid, but Naruse's talent exhibited in Floating
Clouds made Ozu moan and realize he could hardly beat Naruse. I agree with
you all that it's a beautiful Japanese film and one of the top ten I could
boast. I am only curious how mostly male get drawn to  such a postwar ennui
between man and woman. I mean how could those of viewers who abide by
realistic and practical premise of the Western culture accept such fertile
innuendo depicted in the film?
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> It's a wonderful film -- for my money, one of Naruse's very best!
> With superb performances by Takamine Hideko and Mori Masayuki.
> It fully deserves to be in regular -- and constant -- international
> distribution.
> Peter Grilli
> Japan Society of Boston
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>  has anybody seen it on this news group.  It intrigues me as I have never
> seen it, but have heard great things about it?
> I hope it will be available on DVD soon!
> In the last sight and sound Poll in 1992, it got over ten mentions, which
> put in the top 100 films of all time in the world's most important film
> ...
> Richard

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