Anyone seen a film called PAIN?

Jonathan Crow jonccrow
Wed Oct 10 06:39:17 EDT 2001

I didn't see it, but it screened as SCOUTMAN at the 2000 Toronto and Venice
Film Fests. It's directed by porn director Ishioka Masato whose previous
works include (according to the press release) Taiku no Jikan (Gym Hour) and
Chikanhaksho 7 (Statement of a Pervert part 7) and it starts at least one
established AV star.  I can't tell if from the release if the film is any
good. I seeme remember a couple films like this -- exposes of Japan's sex
industry -- have come out lately, but I can't remember the there names...


>From: Jasper Sharp <jasper_sharp at>
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>Subject: Anyone seen a film called PAIN?
>Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2001, 15:23

> I've had a tip off about a recent, or soon-to-be release in Japan of a film
> called PAIN, (originally called SCOUTMAN) - a film about young people
> working in the sex industry in Ikebukuro. It's about to be
> released here. All I've heard. is that it uses a mixture of actors and
> non-actors. Does anyone have any more information/opinions?
> Cheers
> Jasper Sharp
> Midnight Eye
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