Robin Gatto robin
Thu Oct 11 05:51:47 EDT 2001

Hi Jasper & Kinejapaners

I saw Scoutman at Venice 2000 and interviewed the director - it's on
(don't bother to read it, though, it's funny but not very enlightening)
I have the press kit of the film, should you want more specific information

Masato Ishioka worked with pinku eiga directors whom some members of
kinejapan probably know much better than I ; like Tadashi Yoyogi... In the
cast you'll find the names of Shiro Shimomoto (pinku star) and Yuri Komuro
(AV idol)

Scoutman is interesting for its documentary-like feel - some scenes with the
AV actresses and a nasty AV casting were quite striking


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