Of interest: JAPAN magazine

Tom Mes china_crisis
Fri Oct 12 10:40:41 EDT 2001

This month sees the publication of the first issue of a new bi-monthly 
magazine on Japanese arts, culture and society. Entitled JAPAN - People, 
Power & Opinion, it brings together a host of specialist writers including 
Karel van Wolferen, Kaori Shoji and Kinejapan's own Mark Schilling.

The very classy looking first issue (with a B&W shot of Takeshi Kitano on 
the cover) contains articles on designers Shigeru Ban, Eiko Ishioka and Limi 
Yamamoto, politics behind the 2002 World Cup, an interesting piece on the 
Kuril islands and last but not least a cover story by Mark on the history 
and development of the Yakuza films. Mark also supplies reviews of recent 

The magazine is published by Hotei Publishing in The Netherlands, but all 
contents are in English and the aim is worldwide, judging from cover prices 
in US, UK, Dutch, Japanese and Belgian currencies. At just under $10 (or 
1590 yen) it's very affordable too, especially with the glossy format and 
the breadth of subjects on offer.
Look here for more info: http://www.japan-mag.com


Midnight Eye

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