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Guinness Rider cgrblackisland
Mon Oct 15 23:49:44 EDT 2001

I 100 percent agree. The first time I saw the logo was at Shinjuku station, 
on the platform. I was flabbergasted. The swastika on temple doors is one 
thing, but the SS logo for a new tv show? How about a new show in the States 
called 'Nukin' Hiroshima'?
It is true about Asahi tv being perhaps a shade more liberal than other 
networks, but in the context of Japanese mainstream media, the word liberal 
hardly seems appropriate.

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>Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 09:11:20
>I was just wondering if anybody saw the premier of the new current affairs
>program Sma Station on Asahi TV 11:00 Saturday night. I kind of like the
>idea of a program introducing current news topics to young viewers using a
>talent like Katori Shingo (SMAP member)as an naive "newscaster". However, I
>was wondering if anybody was as offended as I was at the logo of the show.
>The logo are two stylized Ss, similar to what one would associate with the
>SS uniform of Nazis Germany. Now I believe I am hip enough on the ironic 
>the SS uniform in bondage play, but to use a logo for a current affairs
>program that is associated with a proven horrific organization seems to 
>one of two things: a) The producers of the program are totally ignorant of
>what SS represents to the rest world. b) The producers know but are
>insensitive to the rest of the world's understanding of what they 
>  Either way the producers look pretty bad. I've learned to respect the
>journalistic integrity of Asahi corp. Historically they have shown to take
>the more liberal and critical positions compared to their competition. But
>this time they seemed to have fumbled the ball. Any comments?
>Michael Dancsok
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