Sma Station

Michael Dancsok dunchoke
Tue Oct 16 06:55:32 EDT 2001

Thanks for putting the two symbols side by side Ulrich. I should have done 
that before I ranted. I now see how dissimilar they are and how similar they 
are. I don't believe that it could be considered "blaming the japanese for 
yet another icongraphic blunder" though. That seems to suggest the use of an 
ss symbol is in the same innocent league as combining two incongruent images 
for the purpose of selling a product. (sorry I can't think of an example 
right now.)


>I'm sorry, I'm usually extremely sensitive to these things, but even I have
>trouble making the connection. All they have in common is their being
>representations of a double S. I don't know if this mailing lists accepts
>images as attachments, but if it does, check for yourself if you see enough
>similarities to blame the Japanese for yet another iconographic blunder. If
>anything, the SmaStation logo looks like an art deco cufflink, really...
>Ulrich Plate
><< ssrune.gif >>
><< smastation.gif >>

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