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The Swastika can be found in every civilisation from the ancient Celts, to 
India, Japan... The Basque Country national symbol is a swastika... Hitler 
took this ancient European sign as a symbol for his movement. It doesn't 
have any connection with the oriental swastika.


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>I read somewhere (sorry, source long forgotten) that the Buddhist
>"manji" or vortex symbol -- looks like crossed z's, and has
>theological significance -- was borrowed and reversed (into crossed
>s's) by the Nazis for their swastika.  Anyone have confirmation?
>>I really don't think people think anything of it like westerners do. Late 
>>night in the restaurant supply district of Osaka, there is a security door
>>with the Nazi wings and swastika on it still left from the war. Not to
>>mention the swastika's prevalent in one store in Ame-mura. While it is
>>clearly irresponsible on the part of Asahi television, I don't think the
>>symbolism makes nearly the impact as it does on people in the west. Temple
>>swastikas are not German swastikas at all, although they certainly are
>>shocking to the unenlightened. late at night.. translating...
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>>By way of context, I can recall seeing idol Miyake Ken in some forgettable
>>drama series a year or two ago, wearing a T-shirt with "Nuke 'em 'til they
>>glow" printed in English on it.  The SS-style logo doesn't surprise me 
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