Le conte du monde flottant

Gavin Rees garees
Thu Oct 18 08:37:49 EDT 2001

I saw the film in London at the sister office of the production company just
before they started to send it off for inclusion in festivals. Visually,?it
is great, and something of a harbinger of what is going to come. I suspect
we will see more projects that use high end digital painting and rotoscoping
tools to explore the gap between video and real painting. Cinematography is
often described as painting with light. Well, I suppose this is really it.

Escalle does CGI work on commercials, and the roto-scoping and painting was
done on a real time compositing machine in downtime at one of the facilities
he works at. (A Flame, or something similar)

As for comparisons with Peter Greenway, I am only one in the world in who
thinks that Greenway is crippled in the cinematic sensitivity department.
Great ideas, yes; but a terrible sense of rhythm, an appalling eye for
motion, and only very basic skills at getting performances out of actors.

Derek Jarman infamously once said that "I am an artist, Greenway is just
arty." Ignoble of him to say it, I know, but I can see what he meant. (In
the interests of balance I suppose one should add that Jarmens scripts were
often terrible.)

I am sorry that has not got that much to do with Japanese film, but I had to
get it off my chest. I still shudder at the afternoon I spent watching the

Gavin Rees

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> And here's the link to the director's own website. Awesome images.
> http://membres.tripod.fr/escalle/conte.html
> Ulrich Plate

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