Yasuzo Masumura¹s BLIND BEAST (Moju) on DVD

Miles Wood diabolik
Tue Oct 23 00:36:06 EDT 2001

Ted Mills wrote:

> They don't have much on their site
> http://www.fantoma.com/ff_preview.html
>  but stay tuned, I guess. (I'm also looking forward to the "Films of Kenneth
> Anger Vol. 1" DVD.

I knew about the upcoming BLIND BEAST release but, wow, Anger on DVD...I'm glad
I managed to hold off buying that expensive Japanese laserdisc. Thanks for the
heads up. BLIND BEAST is an amazing looking film, as evidenced on the
hard-to-find Japanese LD from 3 years back, but I look fwd to being able to see
it subtitled..

I've not got round to buying Fantoma's  THE GREAT SILENCE and Fritz Lang DVD's
yet, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly postive, so I think there's no
need to worry about quality control.


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