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Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp
Wed Oct 24 04:57:31 EDT 2001

Hi Christophe,
What is the name of the author of this book on silent cinema, and is the 
book in English as well as in German?
I have yet to see the film, though I have it on video had at home and am 
just waiting to get in the right mood for it.
I'd love to see more Japanese silent film, though unfortunately couldn't 
make it to Italy a week or so ago for Porderone. It's a shame so little of 
this is available on video.
Kawaii sou,

Midnight Eye

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>Subject: desert moon & a masterpiece
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>"Desert Moon" received mixed reviews here in Paris. For once, I agree  with
>them : the movie is very heavy (in a nutshell : it's not right to live in
>material world, it's better to live among chickens!). Very qucikly, i 
>bored by these Bobo's state of minde(you can't call them yuppie anymore).
>The picture reminded me of Edward Yang's YiYi which was also a very
>moralistic. At least, Desert Moon is a very well crafted movie : beautiful
>light and production design. Too bad, Shinji Aoyama didn't stuck to 
>strong point : the less the dialogue, the better.
>I was the luckiest man in the world to see Kinugasa's "Kuruta Ipiji" ("a
>page of madness"). Technically, it impressing for a movie made in the 20's.
>In the tradition of 'impressionist cinema', "a page of madness" is landmark
>in japanese cinema.
>I met there a german wowan who wrote a book dedicated to that picture, and
>the silent movie era in Japan. She also introduced the movie, and its
>extraordinary ressuraction.
>Anyone should be interested in details can contact me.
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