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birgit kellner birgit.kellner
Thu Oct 25 07:13:41 EDT 2001

--On Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2001 10:39 -0400 "A. M. Nornes" 
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Hartmut Bitomsky:
> We are deploring the victims of the recent terrorist attacks.

deplore v 1: express strong disapproval of; "We deplore the government's 
treatment of political prisoners"
2: regret strongly [syn: {lament}, {bewail}, {bemoan}, {regret}] (from 

I'm sure Bitomsky intended 2, not 1, but the statement might be terribly 
misunderstood - "express strong disapproval" of the victims?

If Bitomsky's statement is to be published, I suggest changing the verb; I 
suppose in German he would have said "bedauern".

Best regards,

Birgit Keller

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