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>From: Avi Santo <avisanto at>
>Subject: Velvet Light Trap CFP
>Dear All,
>My apologies if you have received this notice already. Some sort of
>technology mix-up has forced me to resend.
>The Velvet Light Trap is currently seeking submissions for its Spring 2003
>issue. The Call Fro Papers is: Sound and Music in Film and Television. A
>full description of our call has been both attached and pasted below.
>Please be so kind as to post the CFP on a grad bulletin board or forward
>it to your listserv. If you are not the correct person to be sending this
>CFP to, my apologies. Please forward it to the correct person or
>department and, if possible, notify me as to the correct e-mail address to
>send CFP's to in the future.
>Thank you for your cooperation.
>Avi Santo
>Coordinating Editor
>The Velvet Light Trap
>University of Texas at Austin
>Call for Papers: Sound & Music in Film & Television
>While it is common to speak of seeing a film,  audiences spend as much
>time listening.  Film sound theorist Michel Chion notes that "we never see
>the same thing when we also hear; we don't hear the same thing when we see
>as well."  Scholars are increasingly recognizing the crucial role of sound
>and music in the larger media experience. Issue #51 of The Velvet Light
>Trap will examine specific uses of sound and their importance in media
>production and consumption.  The editors welcome essays that address the
>roles played by sound and music in the larger signifying processes of
>film, television, and related media.
>Possible topics for this issue include but are not limited to:
>Image/sound relationships & strategies (e.g. music & narrative, thematic
>usage, sound effects)
>Film music composers, foley artists, sound engineers
>Exhibition practices (e.g. sound systems, orchestras, muzak, the
>Japanese benshi narrative tradition)
>Audience sounds (laughter, screams, silence, etc.)
>Musical shorts, scopitones, & video jukeboxes
>Sound and genre (e.g. musicals, westerns, horror, action, teen films,
>animation, etc.)
>Music Television & "MTV-ization" of music aesthetics & industrial
>Sound and representations of race, class & gender
>Made-for-TV rock and roll (e.g. The Monkees, American Bandstand, etc.)
>Voice, intonation, and meaning-making
>Soundtrack albums & the consumption of film & TV music (e.g. crossover
>International contexts (e.g. film dubbing, Bollywood, etc.)
>Sound, music, & emotion (evocations of  nostalgia, euphoria, loss)
>History of sound technologies in film & television (e.g. microphones,
>gramophones, Dolby, DTS)
>Convergence of sound styles across media (e.g. film and video games, etc.)
>Music documentaries (e.g. Woodstock, Buena Vista Social Club, etc.)
>To be considered for publication, papers should be between 15 and 25
>pages, double-spaced, in MLA style, with the author's name and contact
>information included only on the cover page.  Queries regarding potential
>submissions also are welcome. Authors are responsible for acquiring
>related visual images and the associated copyrights.  For more information
>or to submit a query, please contact Kyle Barnett
>(ksbarnett at All submissions are due January 15, 2002.
>The Velvet Light Trap is an academic, refereed journal of film and
>television studies published semi-annually by University of Texas
>Press.  Issues are coordinated alternately by graduate students at the
>University of Texas-Austin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After
>a prescreening, articles are anonymously refereed by specialist readers of
>the journal's Editorial Advisory Board, which includes such notable
>scholars as Donald Crafton, Michael Curtin,  Alexander Doty, Cynthia
>Fuchs, Herman Gray, Heather Hendershot, Barbara Klinger, Walter Metz,
>Charles Musser, Chon Noriega, Lynn Spigel, and Chris Straayer.
>Please address submissions to:
>The Velvet Light Trap
>c/o The Department of Radio-Television-Film
>University of Texas at Austin
>CMA 6.118, Mail Code A0800
>Austin, TX  78712

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