Trying to get a Japanese Cinema Class Start at the U ofCentral FL

Peter Larson bulb
Wed Oct 3 10:12:47 EDT 2001

I taught a high school class on Japanese a few years ago. If you give me
your address (outside list) I can send you a syllabus and some course


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> Hello,
> I've been a film maker and professor here in Orlando for sometime.  I've
done quite a lot of research on Japanese cinema and have been trying to get
a department to start a Japanese cinema class.  My thought were to introduce
the students to four Japanese Director's films.  I was thinking of Ozu,
Kurasawa, Itami, and Miyazaki.  I was going to show five of each director's
work which show reoccurring themes.  Does anyone have a similar class with a
sample syllabus I might use to convince the department heads that other
Universities are do Japanese Cinema course work?
> I also look forward to hearing the comments from people on the list serve.
Oh yes and Does anyone know where I can get a copy of The Quiet Life and
Super Market Woman?
> Kay Harrington
> University of Central Florida
> Nicholson School of Communication
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> Hello;
> My name is C G Rider. I live in Tokyo, in Asagaya. I am currently shooting
> totally independant feature around Tokyo. I am interested in international
> film, and am looking forward to reading the opnions on the list.
> Thank you
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