Japan Ratings System and other stuff

Aaron Gerow gerow at ynu.ac.jp
Tue Apr 2 20:43:36 EST 2002

>Thanks so much for this! Where do you go to find out about these things?
>I have been looking for English language scholarship on the subject, but
>none seems to exist. Guess it is time for me to break out the
>dictionaries and look for Japanese language writing about the Japanese
>film industry...

I should mention that a 4 volume publication, _Censorship: A World 
Encyclopedia_, edited by Derek Jones, has just been published by Fitzroy 
Dearborn Publishers (ISBN: 1579581358). The publication is just huge and 
includes entries on all kinds of censorship, film and otherwise, all 
around the world. There are quite a number of entries on Japan related 
topics, including one on film in general (which I wrote, over 2000 words 
in length) and another on Oshima. It's too expensive for individuals to 
buy, but I hope libraries acquire it.

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