Kuroi yuki

Jasper Sharp jasper
Fri Apr 5 01:18:57 EST 2002

Hi Kirsten,
How long are you in Tokyo for? The reason I'm asking is because I'm in
Machida at the moment, and I can introduce to someone I know who used to be
a student/apprentice of Takechi's in the director's other theatrical
capacity. I've also got some documents/printouts which might help you,
namely the program for Takechi's OIRAN, which has some biographical
information in it about the director. Have you seen this film?
Regarding BLACK SNOW (distributed by Nikkatsu - not sure if they produced
it), its not currently on release. I've not seen it myself, but have you
tried Tsusaya in Shinjuku yet? The whole 5th floor is devoted to Japanese
films, and you can find a lot of deleted stuff there not available
Anyway, if you are in Tokyo for the next few weeks and want to meet up so I
can show you the info I do have, either email me or bell me on 042-726-8896.
All the best,


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