Japanese films at Brattle Th., Cambridge (Mass.); May, June

david mankins dm
Thu Apr 25 09:39:21 EDT 2002

list-members in the Boston area may want to pick up a May-June
calendar from the Brattle Theater.  

Their Japanese showings this month are primarily anime, with a
week-long premiere of the _Escaflowne_ movie beginning May 3, followed
by anime every Thursday: _Akira_, _Jin-Roh_ & _Blood: the last
Vampire_, _Spriggan_, and Rintaro/Otomo/Tezuka's _Metropolis_.

This will be followed in June with:

June 20:
     Takashi Miike's _The Happiness of the Katakuris'_ (tenative ---
	     they have a note to call to confirm the schedule)
     Miike's _Dead or alive_

June 28-July 11:

     Shohei Imamura's _Warm water under a red bridge_

(They're also going to do a week of Cocteau's _La Belle et la Bete_,
which isn't topical but it's interesting all the same.)

- david mankins (dm at bbn.com, dm at world.std.com)

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