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Got this virus alert from my publisher (Weatherhill) tonight, found the virus in my system and successfully eliminated it. Since you are in my address book, I am afraid you may at risk as well. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mark Schilling

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Dear All, 


    I have today received an Email saying that I may have inadvertently passed on a virus that spreads from address book to address book. It is apparently undetectable by Norton or McAfee. It remains dormant for two weeks, then activates and wipes out hard drive data. 
    When I checked my hard drive I found the virus and deleted it. As you are in my address book, it is important that you follow the instructions below to check / delete the virus. 

1.  Go to START and to FIND or SEARCH (depending on computer) 
2.  In SEARCH FOR FILE or FOLDER, type sulfnbk.exe - this is the virus 
3.  In the LOOK IN section, make sure you are searching the C Drive 
4.  Hit SEARCH or FIND 
5.  If you find an ugly black icon and the file name DO NOT open it 
6.  Right click on the file, go to DELETE and left click 
7.  When asked if you want to send it to the Recycle Bin, say yes 
8.  Go to Desktop and double click on Recycle Bin 
9.  Locate the file and delete as above 

      If you find the file, send this message on to the people in your address book. Sorry for the (possible) bad news, but am hopeful that you have not got the same problem or that you have found it in good time. 


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