NYT article on ``Japanese Cinema's second Golden Age...''

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   After the first, truly bad NYT article, it was nice to see this.  Dave 
   Kehr was actually one of my favorite critics when I was in high school 
   (then he wrote for the Chicago Reader) and it's nice to see him still 
   active.  (Has he moved to the NYT?  He was at the Daily News for a 
   while.)  He's clearly done some of his homework (it seems he's read 
   Burch), though some of the generalizations he makes are still debateable.
You can't tell from the presentation on the web, but it was a stunning
article in the paper: on the cover of the Sunday Arts section, with a
full-color image from _Metropolis_ taking up almost a third of the
page.  The _Metropolis_ image on the web page is just a small piece of
what dominated the cover of the Arts section.  The other image on the
web page, from _Perfect Blue_, was at the head of the article's
continuation inside the section.

That Sunday must have been anime day at the _Times_, inside the Arts
section was an article on ``making Japanese animation safe for
Americans''[1], primarily about the changes done to _Cardcaptor
Sakura_ before it was aired here in the US.

As _Metropolis_ is opening in New York on Friday, the _Times_ will
probably have a review of it in the next few days.

    [1] http://www.nytimes.com/2002/01/20/arts/television/20CONS.html

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