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Michael E Kerpan Jr kerpan at attglobal.net
Sun Jan 27 22:24:37 EST 2002

Third and final posting for the day --

Shinobu Yaguchi's "Waterboys" is due out on 3-21. It is supposed to have 
English subtitles.

The Kon Ichikawa collection coming out on 3-22 will contain three 
films:"Akatsuki no Tsuiseki," "Koibito," and "Okuman-choja".  These are 
listed as being 4:3 format, and there is still no mention of subtitles.

The Hiroshi Teshigahara set scheduled for April will contain four films: 
"Otoshiana", "Suna no Onna", "Tanin no Kao", and "Summer Soldier". They 
are described as being in 16:9 LB Vista format, and only Japanese 
subtitles are mentioned.

I finally got my copy of Jun Ichikawa's "Tokyo Marigold" -- it's an 
excellent DVD of a fine movie.  As extras, it has interviews with Rena 
Tanaka, Jun Ichikawa and the male star (name slips my mind).  It also 
has a (presumably) complete set of the seasoning ads featuring Rena 
Tanaka and Kirin Kiki. ;~}  On a technical note, it does have the 
promised English subtitles,  but these have to be turned on via the menu 
before starting the film (for some reason the "sub-title" button doesn't 
work on this release).

Michael Kerpan
Boston, MA

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