Virus alert : help

Jitika kaoru
Wed Jan 9 12:45:26 EST 2002

did a search and found the file : PRECOPY1.CAB in my folder : D:\CABS  when 
i looked in local hardrives [C:;D:], search subfolders,
so what's my source path for the extraction ? can you help ??

thanx !


At 11:41 AM 1/9/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Mark and his friends,
>This is actually a hoax, and a pretty good one. Sulfnbk.exe is a real file
>found on most Window computers when you update Windows 95. (I didn't fall for
>the hoax only because we use Macs.) Here's the information from Hewlitt
>Packard on this email:
><<Thank you for contacting HP's Customer Care e-mail support.
>You may have received an e-mail message warning you of a virus
>(sulfnbk.exe) that will become active on June 01, 2001.  The e-mail
>states that the virus file must be deleted, and explains how to delete
>the sulfnbk.exe file.  Do not delete the sulfnbk.exe file, as it is a
>Windows system file.
>For detailed information on this virus hoax or if you have already
>deleted the file, you can find instructions on reinstalling the
>Sulfnbk.exe file at one the following Web sites:
>Microsoft's Knowledge Base has a related article (Q190418) that
>explains what can happen if the Sulfnbk.exe file is removed from the
>system.  Please visit Microsoft's Web site at:
>      Note:  The links above will take you outside the HP Web
>             site.  HP does not control and is not responsible
>             for information outside of the HP Web site.
>If you need further assistance, please reply to this message.  You may
>also find technical and troubleshooting information along with software
>updates, on our HP Customer Care Web site at:
>Best regards,
>HP Customer Solutions Team>>
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>Harrington Park, NJ 07640
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