Virus alert : help !

Jitika kaoru
Wed Jan 9 12:47:50 EST 2002

ok, for the re-installation of sulfnbk.exe,
i did a search and found the file : PRECOPY1.CAB in my folder : 
D:\CABS  when i looked in local hardrives [C:;D:], search subfolders,
so what's my source path for the extraction ? can you help ??

thanx !


At 11:55 AM 1/9/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> >found the virus in my system and successfully eliminated it.
>Unfortunately this is a hoax and not a virus.  What you eliminated is 
>actually a legitimate Windows file.  For more info see 
>Please remember that most virus warnings actually are hoaxes and to check 
>these first.
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