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Don Brown the8thsamurai
Fri Jan 11 19:05:56 EST 2002

According to Toei's homepage, the disc does have English subs, as well as 
two commentary tracks and a few other extras.
If you haven't seen the film yet, personally I wouldn't bother forking out 
for it.  Probably the biggest steaming pile of excrement I wasted 1800 yen 
on last year, so waving goodbye to a further 5,800 is not an attractive 
p.s. hate to bring this up again, but Firefly Dreams aka Ichiban Utsukushii 
Natsu seems to be notably absent from all these top ten lists coming out at 
the moment.  Why?  Critically it was rather well received as far as I can 
remember.  Nothing to do with the fact that the director's Welsh is it?  
Hmmm...  Any ideas on this one?
Don Brown

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