"Go" wins at 44th Blue Ribbon Awards

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Wed Jan 23 21:34:33 EST 2002

"Go" has just picked up three awards at the 44th Blue Ribbon Awards, 
announced yesterday.  The awards, selected by film writers for seven Tokyo 
sports newspapers, went to Yukisada Isao for best director, Yamazaki 
Tsutomu for best supporting actor, and Shibasaki Ko for best newcomer.
  Other winners were Amami Yuki for Best Actress, for her performances in 
three films: Harada Masato's "Inugami", Takenaka Naoto's "Rendan" and 
Horikawa Tonko's "Sennen no Koi: Hikaru Genji Monogatari".  Kyogen 
performer Nomura Mansai won Best Actor for "Onmyoji", an unexpected hit 
about a medieval exorcist that made 3,000,000,000 yen at the Japanese box 
office.  A sequel is in the works.  Naraoka Tomoko picked up Best 
Supporting Actress for "Hotaru" (the Takakura Ken-starrer, not Kawase 
Naomi's much ignored film).
  Best Japanese Picture went to "Spirited Away" (Sen to Chihiro no 
Kamikakushi), while South Korean hit "JSA" won Best Foreign Language 
Don Brown

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