Koroshiya Ichi/Ichi The Killer

Peter Larson bulb
Thu Jan 24 12:49:02 EST 2002

Good point. While I do not like Miike personally, I can see merit in his
work. His cinematrography is excellent and the characterization in Audition
was to be noted. Whether a movie meets someone's personal taste is one
thing, but there is always something to be gained from any examination of
any film (good or bad). In my previous mail, I came down on Miike a little
hard, I think, but my point was merely to say that all too often, shocking
movies are given some sort of credibility that they may not necessarily
deserve. Art should not be one way or another, obviously there is no
standard, but if we take each work on it's own as a work and examine it's
merits/demerits on it's own terms, we may find that the quality of the film
doesn't necessarily stack up to the status quo opinion of it, or, in the
best case, it may even surpass the opinions of the critics.

Hmmm... rambling...
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  Thank You Aaron for Your somehow different article
  about "Koroshiya Ichi".

  I am not a big fan of the works of Miike, but to say
  "... this film is only brutal, don't go to see it !" is much too

  There are many ways to see a film, without stating that this
  one is a piece of art, or that one is garbage. Personal likes
  and dislikes are sometimes not the only way to rate.

  Another example is Ozu: I personally think that his later films
  ( like "Tokyo Monogatari" ) are just boring for me to watch,
  but nonetheless I have to admit his unique style and art, and his
  big role he plays in the fields of film art.

  Okay, there will always be some guys who are just looking films
  like Ichi just because of the killing average, and others who will
  never want to see it because of that.
  But really "reading a film" does not have much to do with personal moral
  feelings or dislikes.

  I don't want to decide this way, what art should be and what not.

  Sven Koerber


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