Ozu and Expressionism

Michael E Kerpan Jr kerpan
Wed Jan 30 18:54:42 EST 2002

Aaron Gerow wrote:

>One place to look would be Yamamoto Kikuo's lengthy Nihon eiga ni okeru 
>gaikoku eiga no eikyo.  It includes a long section on the influence of 
>Expressionist cinema on Japanese film, but I haven't checked to see if 
>Ozu is mentioned in that section.

Aaron --

I guess this means I really need to get to work on learning Japanese. ;~}

I assume this hasn't been translated.  

Speaking of translations -- has anyone read the the French translation 
of Shigehiko Hasumi's Ozu book -- and is this a fairly accurate 
rendition of the original?  

Michael Kerpan

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