proposal for a festival of contemporary japanese films.

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How about also considering Hashiguchi Ryosuke's Hush or Yaguchi Shinobu's

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Subject: proposal for a festival of contemporary japanese films.

Hi all 

After having spent some time lurking on this list, I've decided to approach
you all with a question.

I imagine that you're all used to this kind of question, since it could be
considered the "billion yen" question, but I need to have your opinion on
this matter.

I'm preparing a proposal to organize a festival of contemporary japanese
films, and I was wondering if you could share your impressions on the
japanese feature films listed bellow.

The objective of this festival is solely to give a glimpse of the films
(maximum 20) that were done in the last 4 years by young directors in Japan,
and not some sort of competition with the purpose of exhibiting the best
films of all. So if you find that the list is biased or that some other
significant film was excluded please let me know.

Hope you can share your thoughts.


Canon on Tuesday/Kazama Shiori;
The happiness of the Katakuris/Takashi Miike;
A forest with no name/Shinji Aoyama;
Dark Water/Hideo Nakata;
A painful pair/Hisashi Saito;
Agitator/Takashi Miike;
All about Lily Chou-chou/Shunji Iwai;
Hanako/Makoto Sato;
Inugami/Masato Harada;
Kairo/Kiyoshi Kurosawa;
Eureka/Shinji Aoyama;
Avalon/Mamoru Oshii;
Hole in the Sky/Kazuoshi Kumakari;
Film Noir/Masahiro Kobayashi;
Moonlight Whispers/Akihiko Shiota;
Minazuki/Rokuro Mochizuki;
Timeless Melody/Hiroshi Okuhara;
Wait and see/Shinji Somai;

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