Cancelled shows

Mark Nornes amnornes
Fri Jul 5 12:58:10 EDT 2002

On Friday, July 5, 2002, at 08:51  AM, Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow wrote:

> The case says a lot about the police but it also
> raises questions about se

> the relationship between text and reality and star and text

Last week we brought back an Ultraman book from Japan, a gift from a 
friend. Attracted to the colorful heros on the cover, my 2 year, 11 
month old son asked to read it as a bedtime story last night. As we 
paged through the book's fantastic photographs of monsters in battle 
poses, he became increasingly disconcerted. And halfway through the 
book, he burst out crying. He wouldn't go to bed for several more hours.

So much for the relationship between text and reality! But I doubt he 
cares enough about the stars in the suits to take up the censor's 


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