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M Arnold ma_iku
Mon Jul 15 11:06:32 EDT 2002

From: <robert.williamson at fremantlemedia.com>

> I haven't been able to see this series and, as I live in the UK, maybe
> never will, but I've been trying to follow what's happening with the
> from afar.   Maybe somebody can clarify the situation for me?

I can't offer much info as I don't know a whole lot about it myself, but it
seems that the Aoyama thing that is playing at festivals is an extended
version of the TV episode he made, which hasn't aired yet.  The show is a
regular 55-minute weekly drama series (actually about 45 minutes when you
cut out the commercials).  It's all shot on film, and with all the
interesting directors and actors helping out it certainly feels much more
professional than your average soap opera.  Didn't someone post a list of
the directors here before?  I borrowed a free 25-minute Hama Maiku 
preview video from the local Tsutaya, but it only gave details about a few 
of the directors and guests.  Apparently Sento is one of the producers on 
this too... what a surprise.

....But after getting all excited about the show last week, I watched
tonight's episode and it was a dud.  Despite the interesting actors and
scriptwriters, etc. the story just kept shooting blanks.  According to the
preview next week's will be the Yukisada Isao episode, featuring an
exotic guest actress from Taiwan (which proves that "the Mike project
crosses national borders," according to the video preview I rented). This
week's featured female was a friend of the hero's sister who spent the
hour upset and confused--in other words "cute", but she wasn't cute enough
to keep a plot running for 45 minutes.  What really stole the show though
was Takeda Shinji dressed up in a Snoop Dogg-like outfit.

Have a nice typhoon everyone!

Michael Arnold

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