Kadokawa Takes Over Daiei

Aaron Gerow gerow
Mon Jul 22 01:17:41 EDT 2002

The news services reported today that Kadokawa Publishing has reached an 
agreement with Tokuma Publishing to acquire Daiei, the movie making 
subsidiary of Tokuma. According to the agreement, Kadokawa will take over 
Daiei's film and video production and distribution business and its 
studio operations. A subsidiary of Kadokawa will actually operate Daiei. 
Tokuma, which entered the movie business under its now deceased 
president, Tokuma Yasuyoshi, will apparently concentrate on its 
publishing business.

Those familiar with post-1970s Japanese film are aware of the important 
role Kadokawa has played in the industry. After Kadokawa Haruki left, 
Kadokawa's production efforts died down somewhat, but tie-ins between its 
books and movies have continued to be a major element of its business, 
especially in the recent horror film boom. The acquisition of Daiei 
signals Kadokawa's desire to get even more involved in the film business.

Daiei, of course, is the remnant of the long-standing film studio that 
went bankrupt in 1971. In recent years, it has produced many of Miike 
Takashi's films (the Dead or Alive series, etc.), the Gamera films, and 
Shall We Dance?

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