What I did on my summer vac....

Chuck Stephens cougar71
Tue Jul 23 11:56:13 EDT 2002

Just a couple of notes on Joseph Murphy's post:

The english-language title of Shinozaki Makoto's most recent film, 
"Wasurerarenu Hitobito", is *Not Forgotten*. It is not his first film 
since *Okaeri* -- he also made *Jam Session: The Official Bootleg of 
*Kikujiro**, a documentary about Kitano and the making of *Kikujiro*. 
Shinozaki has long been one of Kitano's most perceptive critics, and 
his film is an extension of that interest.

And "hysterical" -- or rather, "Hysteric" -- has been a common 
English-language borrow-term on tee-shirts in Japan for a long time 
now: think Hysteric Glamour. [There's a scene in the recent and 
excellent *Mon-rak Transistor*, by Thai director Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 
where the main character turns up, quite baffingly, wearing a 
*Hysteric Glamour* tee-shirt. Pen-ek, the most popular Thai director 
with Japanese audiences, is currently in pre-production on his new 
film, set to star Asano Tadanobu.]

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