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John Dougill asked about:

 >thanks to Joseph Murphy for his most informative report.  I wonder if
 >he is able to supply a title for the book below... I'd like to order it 
 >my library.
.....Yoshimi Shunya, who has a very useful precis of cultural
studies out now

The title is simply "????????????" (katakana Cultural Studies) in 
the Iwanami Shoten ????????? (Frontiers of Thought) series. Komori 
Yoichi has one in the series called "????????" (PostColonial).

Incidentally, apart from conservatism, did Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto offer any
suggestions as to why film studies has been unable to establish itself in
Japan in the way that it has in the West?

Well, that was definitely a topic of discussion, but the valence was 
rather, what were the special (intellectual and extra-intellectual) 
circumstances that did allow film studies to be established in the US. 
It was not presumed that Japan is conservative in this regard, or the 
U.S. progressive.

J. Murphy
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