welcome home

Chuck Stephens cougar71
Mon Jul 29 01:52:46 EDT 2002


As I mentioned in an adjacent post, I felt a bit of oneupsmanship at 
play in your lollapalooza introduction of Kunikida, Kon Wajiro, and 
Laura Mulvey -- it seemed like a kind of overkill all-points-bulletin 
from Erudition -- when all I had done was call you on a couple of 
minor points about titles and tee-shirts. I readily concede your 
authority in realms of Japanese study about which I know little or 
nothing; I still don't even know who Wajiro is/was. I think now that 
I over-reacted in my response to you, and offer you my apologies. I 
promise not to call you Professor again. And by the way, thanks for 
clarifying the definition of name-dropping; I've copied it down from 
the blackboard.

Thanks also for the invitation, but I never got into this discussion 
to address *Okaeri*, which I did see once many years ago, but must 
confess it left little impression on me then. I cannot comment on it 
further at the moment, other than to profess my desire to revisit it 
now that we're in the thick of discussion. That I am moving my 
household in the coming days from one country to another will no 
doubt prevent me from doing so while it's still pertinent. (Likewise, 
that brochure and the original disc on which my essay was located are 
already packed.)

Instead, as an act of contrition, I promise to silently lurk through 
this forum for the immediate future. Unless, of course, someone's 
delinquent details strike me as irresistibly snipe-worthy.


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