fresh blood and Venice line-up

Tom Mes china_crisis
Tue Jul 30 20:10:23 EDT 2002

>And, apparently Makoto Shinozaki is making a film of Kitano's "Asakusa 
> >Kid".

It's already finished and was shown on the Sky PerfecTV channel in May, I 
believe. I haven't seen anyone reporting on it here. Has anyone managed to 
catch it and if so what did they think?

Speaking of Kitano, the Venice film festival line-up was announced today. 
Kitano's DOLLS is in competition, as the only Japanese representative.
There is a side-line competition dubbed 'Controcorrente' (Counter current?), 
for which Shinya Tsukamoto's latest A SNAKE OF JUNE / ROKUGATSU NO HEBI has 
been selected.

Out of competition are two generations of Imamuras: Shohei Imamura's 
contribution to the short film compilation about September 11, and Daisuke 
Tengan's AIKI.

In the critics' week selection finally, we find Hidenori Sugimori's WOMAN OF 

In all, an improvement over last year's three Japanese entries.

The complete selection can be found here:


Midnight Eye

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