subtitled Zainichi films?

Melissa Wender melissa.wender at
Wed Oct 2 14:23:39 EDT 2002


I've haunted these halls before, but was out of it for a long while, and
have returned.  My name is Melissa Wender.  I have been teaching at
Bates College in Maine for three years, and am currently a postdoc at
Yale.  I'm using the opportunity to begin educating myself a bit more
about Japanese film, and am sitting in on Dudley Andrew's class, which
is great fun.

I have a question I'm hoping someone might be able to answer.  My work
up till now has been on the literature and social movements of Koreans
in Japan, but I've been very interested in their representation
(self-rep. and otherwise) in other media such as film.  I've been trying
to locate copies of any films to teach in classes with students who
don't know Japanese.  Does anyone out there know whether such films
exist in video or DVD?  I am getting tired of being limited to Nakata
Toichi's Osaka Story, as interesting as I think it is.  Thanks in


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