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Sat Oct 5 18:49:15 EDT 2002

There was a film critic in the UK who was stopped at customs bringing 
some tapes back from a film festival in Europe.  He was kept in custody 
for 24 hours while his house was raided.  All I know is that they were 
experimental films ... which could mean anything.  Let's not name names 
here.  I would strongly suggest that anyone ordering the Terayama tapes 
ask Image Forum to remove the cover from the video before shipping.  
John Ashcroft's wallpaper isn't worth it.

I once met someone who ordered a laserdisc of Oshima's AI NO CORRIDA 
from America before it got a UK certificate.  He had the shipper 
include a letter he secured from the British Board of Film 
Classification assuring any customs inspector that it wasn't an obscene 
film.  Unfortunately, customs never opened the package so the letter 
was never put to the test.  Perhaps you can try a similar trick if the 
MPAA are amenable.  ...  Assuming you find a Terayama fan.


On Saturday, October 5, 2002, at 05:20 PM, Miles Wood wrote:

> From: Mark L. Feinsod <mfeinsod at>
>> Thanks for your responses, everyone.
>> Question: If I order the films, what are the realistic chances of 
>> having
> the
>> package opened and me being ³raided²?
> If you're in the UK probably about 10-20% chance of the package being 
> opened
> and, if the customs can find an excuse, seized. The last thing I sent 
> to the
> UK that got seized was a DVD of one of Toshiharu Ikeda's XX films. You 
> won't
> get raided unless you're importing something VERY dodgy.
> But your e-mail address suggests you're in NYC.
> Miles

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