Emperor Tomato Ketchup, redux.

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Did you also try http://www.5minutesonline.com/EMPERORTOMATOVHS.htm ?
They have it for $20 and are located in Atlanta. No subtitles though, but if
you look on irc or usenet, I am sure you can find them (they're there, it
just takes patience).
Or you can just buy the film and play the Stereolab CD in the background...


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Hello, all!

Two things:

1) I went to the Image Forum site, and everything¹s in Japanese (which,
alas, I cannot read, speak, or write).  Which icon is for the film in
question (top row, left corner; third row from the bottom, two from the
right; etc.; etc.)?  Anybody?

2) A search on eBay turned up the following link --
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1567767171 if anybody¹s
interested.  If I¹m going to risk ordering the film, I think I¹d rather do
it through Image Forum rather than buy a bootleg.  Although I did find this

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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