Mamoru Oshii's AVALON DVD

robin robin at
Wed Oct 30 06:14:04 EST 2002

Hi everyone,

A word for Mamoru Oshii and DVD fans : 

The French Zone 2 DVD edition of Oshii's AVALON will contain a good batch of bonuses (I worked on some of them), including extensive behind the scenes featurettes, a 20 minute interview with Mamoru Oshii (which provides a very intimate look at the man behind the director), the  FNAC Masterclass with Mamoru Oshii (which takes over from the interview and provides more delightful insights into Oshii's personality), and an exclusive interview with Kenji Kawai.
Kinejapaners living in France might want to know that the FNAC preview DVD sold in FNAC stores with a catalogue contains as a bonus the FNAC Master Class with Mamoru Oshii. The AVALON DVD will be released in about a week from now. 

Enjoy it all ! 


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