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I assume this is the film you are asking about Tom - but it wasn't Shibata
According to Richie: "Following Shibata's successful lead, others began
entering the [filmmaking] field. Amongst these was Shiro Asano, of the
Konishiroku Photographic Store. At the request of a Shimpa troupe that
desired publicity he filmed the climax of one of their current plays, Scene
of the Lightning Robber's Being Arrested (Inazuma Goto Hobaku no Ba). This
was shown in 1899, at the Tokyo Engi-za, a theatre which showed Shimpa by
day and foreign films by night" pg 26, Japanese Film: Art and Industry

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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> I'm not familiar with Shibata but here are the japanese titles of 1899
> movies from him :
> ???????? (Hashi Uta no da n Hatake)
> ??????? (Nagauta Kagetsu Shiki)
> ??? (Momijigari - Autumn's leaves viewing)
> ????? (Futari Doujouji - Doujouji Couple)
> I got all this information from
> I think japanese speaking people can help more than me
> zeni
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> Would anyone be able to tell me the original Japanese title of an 1899
> silent short by Tsunekichi Shibata, which I've only seen referred to as
> Many thanks.
> Tom
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