UFA is going down

Sven Koerber svenkoerber
Mon Oct 7 14:21:57 EDT 2002

Hello Film Fans

Now I have been watching the news here in Germany
with a "big" bang on the film market:
the ( once ) big and famous "Film Factory" UFA is out of money,
now they are fighting not to get down totally.

The officials said, that there are too many big mega-cinemas
built by UFA, where now huge parts of the aimed audience
disappeared ( Sorry for my *#?&% English ).
The boom which went on some few years ago is over now,
leaving all investments worthless.

Hearing that, I wonder how the big film companies are today
in Japan. The whole Japanese industry isn't that happy nowadays
( just take a look at the Nikkei-Index ), but how is going film
business itself this times ?
I cannot imagine that there the film market has a enjoyable time now.

Does anybody know some articles on the net about it?
( in English please, my Japanese is still not that good )

Thanks a lot,


Sven Koerber

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