wanted: videos of early non-Western films (silents, early talkies)

ReelDrew@aol.com ReelDrew
Wed Oct 9 21:14:02 EDT 2002

I am currently researching the pre-World War II history of filmmaking in 
non-Western cultures, the Middle East, India and China as well as Japan.  Can 
anyone on this list provide me with video copies of Ismail Anzour's 1931 
Syrian silent feature, "Under Damascus Skies," and a video with English 
subtitles of Kamal Selim's 1939 Egyptian sound feature, "Al-Azima" 
("Determination")?  Also, does anyone have video copies of Chinese silent 
films?  In exchange, I could make copies of Mohamed Bayoumi's silent Egyptian 
films and a number of Japanese silent films.  I am very eager to correspond 
and share research with others who have been studying early film production 
in the cultures of the East.

William M. Drew

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