Question about the "kiroku"-job

Delorese Harrington dharring
Wed Oct 23 11:29:00 EDT 2002

That was exactly what I was going to tell you. I believe it is a continuity person.  Who makes sure everything remains the same when the scene is shot from multiple angles.

Kay Harrington

>>> svtran at 10/23/02 11:25AM >>>
Hello everyone,

while studying the credits of some Japanese animation movies I ve come
across a staff position called "kiroku". If my Japanese is with me, it
means "record" or "document". But what exactly does someone in this
position do anyway? I ve thought about it being the Japanese equivalent
of "continuity check" which you can find in American movies (I have
spotted the term "scriptgirl" as well). What do you think?

Thanks for any input.


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