cum on screen samuelt
Fri Oct 25 09:54:30 EDT 2002

--On Friday, October 25, 2002 7:39 PM +1000 mark schilling 
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> Do a million wrongs make a right?
That is how languages change and evolve.  Half of the phrases and sentence 
constructions used today would have been considered bad grammar an odd 
century ago or so.  Words don't get added to the dictionary because they 
suddenly "become" proper english; they get added when they're in common 
usage.  You'll find plenty of questionable words  in the dictionary 
("alright" for one) that only got there through common usage.  So yeah, I 
say go ahead and use "cum" if the situation warrants it.  Obviously 
everyone knows what it means, so we're not in danger of confusing anyone, 
and I hardly think the artform is brought down at all by its presence.

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