subtitled Zainichi films?

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Thu Oct 3 09:25:48 EDT 2002

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> Hello...
> I've haunted these halls before, but was out of it for a long while, and
> have returned.  My name is Melissa Wender.  I have been teaching at
> Bates College in Maine for three years, and am currently a postdoc at
> Yale.  I'm using the opportunity to begin educating myself a bit more
> about Japanese film, and am sitting in on Dudley Andrew's class, which
> is great fun.
> I have a question I'm hoping someone might be able to answer.  My work
> up till now has been on the literature and social movements of Koreans
> in Japan, but I've been very interested in their representation
> (self-rep. and otherwise) in other media such as film.  I've been trying
> to locate copies of any films to teach in classes with students who
> don't know Japanese.  Does anyone out there know whether such films
> exist in video or DVD?  I am getting tired of being limited to Nakata
> Toichi's Osaka Story, as interesting as I think it is.  Thanks in
> advance...
> Melissa
Also try to get "For Kayako" made by Kohei Oguri.


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