Postwar Docs at Higashi Nakano Box

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Mon Mar 3 02:15:17 EST 2003

What great timing.  Thank you for mentioning this, Markus.

Expecting (/hoping) that I'll be too busy to visit Japan later this year, I
decided to take a quick trip in March.  I'll be around Tokyo for a few weeks
starting the 13th.  I'd love to catch two or three of these documentaries.
If any other list members are interested, e-mail me and perhaps we can meet
up and go together.

The flyer with the complete schedule is available for download at the BOX
Higashi Nakano site.

I've been scanning the various theater schedules on the net.  Athenee
Francais isn't doing any Japanese film in March.  The Film Center has one or
two I might see.  Cine Amuse should keep playing Akarui mirai for a few
weeks, so I expect to make it to that.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch
Yomigaeri somewhere too.  There's an all-nighter of Yoshida Yoshishige films
at Shin Bungeiza on the 29th.  Sounds great if I need a place to sleep.

Starting on the 22nd, Cinema Shimokitazawa has something that looks really
interesting--Kaettekita! Deka matsuri.  A collection of ten shorts, each by
a different director.  Three rules:  Must feature a female detective lead
character.  Cannot be even one second longer than 10 minutes.  Must have at
least five gags in the course of the show.  Some of the participants are
Zeze Takahisa, Koreeda Hirokazu, Shiota Akihiko and Shindo Kaze.  Apparently
this is a sequel to a "Deka matsuri" that took place in January.

Of course there's another Miike film coming out as well.  Yurusarezaru mono.
(The same as the Japanese title for Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven"?)  Miike's
official English title appears to be The Man in White.  This will be playing
at Image Forum starting the 29th.

I need to start writing out an itinerary.  Are there any other March film
screenings I should know about?

Michael Arnold
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