Someone looking for 1955 "Kokoro" j.izbicki
Fri Mar 7 17:53:54 EST 2003

This was sent to H-ASIA a few days ago and I haven't seen any responses. Maybe 
someone on this list can help Arnold Kaminsky out.
Joanne Izbicki

Forwarded Message:
From: "Arnold Kaminsky" <akamin at>

Dear Colleagues,
Does anyone have a copy of the 1955 film version of Natsume
Soseke's novel, _Kokoro_? Would they be willing to loan it out for a
week? I appreciate any information or willingness to loan the film.
*Please respond directly to me at:
"Arnold Kaminsky" <akamin at>

Arnold Kaminsky
ED NOTE: Please do share any information with the list on where
one can rent or purchase these rare films.

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