Films about Japanese Red Army and Anarchists

Jakob Abrahamsson Parabellum
Sat Mar 8 14:06:41 EST 2003

there is also a fairly new (2002) French tv documentary by Micha?l Prazan called Japon les ann?es rouges produced by ARTE. 
For me, knowing very little about the events, it was, inspite of being only 52minutes, very interesting. 
It covers the student movements in sixties and the formation of the Japenese Red Army fractions as well as mentioning Wakamatsu's and Adachi's involvement. It is mostly made up of recent interviews with some of the people more or less involved and archive material on the actual events, some of it quite stunning. 
I'm not sure whether it is available anyware on a retail basis but it is distributed internationally by Kuiv Productions in Paris. 
all the best

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> Dear listmembers!
> First let me introduce myself: My name is Robert Stuhr
> and I work as an immigration lawyer in Germany.
> Interested not only in japanese cinema I mainly hope
> to learn from the listmembers and contribute from time
> to time. I was a list member some time ago but had to
> cancel my membership because I simply didn't have
> enough time left. Anybody who has ever founded a young
> family will understand this. First comes little Laura,
> then cinema... 
> My first question regards the Japanese Red Army. Are
> there any films dealing with this group? I mean films
> focussing on the group itself, the political
> background, the fate of its members.
> The second question regards anarchism. I wonder if
> there are samurai films with anarchic tendencies,
> perhaps Roningai? Was anarchism ever a topic of a
> japanese film?
> Robert Stuhr 
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