Ringu Dreamworks (US) DVD Release

Brandon Martino beeman20
Tue Mar 11 21:53:18 EST 2003

>But the point I'm making is that Western >distributors seldom us the original foreign language title >anyway, be it French, Polish or Iranian, so why in this >case use it for a Japanese film? There's 

Because Dreamworks wants public America to associate 'Ringu' with 'The Ring'. They want to squeeze all the money they can out of it. That's why they released both dvds on the same day. So, they could sit next to each other on the New Release Shelf at Blockbuster. And, calling the original film 'Ring' would be confusing for Americans. It would be hard to distinguish the two titles. Thus instead of saying something absurd like 'The Japanese Ring', they call it 'Ringu', which is obviously Japanese and just happens to be the correct title of the film. 

If 'The Ring' didn't exist, 'Ringu' would be released in the U.S. as 'Ring'

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